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2019 FS_derSTEINBAUER_JP_Kuehlwein_small retouch (2)JP is a global brand- and business builder, recognized strategy expert, teacher, author and speaker.   He has a 20+ year of hands-on experience in successfully creating or re-staging brands that have grown to generate over a billion dollars in combined incremental sales annually around the world.  His experience ranges from developing the first unified communication strategy for the world’s leading detergent, via introducing the concept of disposable diapering and the Pampers brands to India to turning around a Prestige hair care salon- and retail business in New York and divesting it to international investors.

Before co-founding Ueber-Brands Consulting,  JP served as Managing Director of Global Strategy & Innovation – Premium Consumer at CPG multinational Procter & Gamble and was Executive Vice President of its Premium Hair Care subsidiary Frédéric Fekkai & Co. He also served as external director of Smith & Norbu, a Hong Kong-based luxury optical frame maker.

JP has co-authored the bestselling “Rethinking Prestige Branding – Secrets of the Ueber-Brands” with Wolf Schaefer, which has become a reference book when it comes to understanding what drives the success of premium brands for marketing professionals and students, alike .  They have also written “Brand Elevation – Lessons in Ueber-Branding”, a step-by-step guide on how to make a brand meaningful, peerless and priceless to customers.

JP is also Adjunct Professor of Marketing, teaching graduate courses in brand strategy at NYU’s Stern School of Business and Columbia Business School and directs the Marketing and Communications Institutes for The Conference Board, a Global industry think tank.  He is regularly involved in public speaking and training across industries and markets in English, French or German language and has been named 2017 ‘Inspirational Marketer of the Year’ by the Association of National Advertisers/The Internationalist among other awards.

Based in New York City, JP is on the advisory board of the local Masters Program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology and an advisory board member of the CMO Council and L2 Inc.

Some Videos (more on Youtube):

Here is another talk by JP on “Elevating a Brand in Times of Crisis given in the context of the 2020/21 Global pandemic and socio-political tensions at the Center for Marketing Excellence and the LVMH-SMU Research Initiative on Luxury.

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JP contributions to books like … ‘Luxury Branding – Construido marcas de luxo’ (Paulo R Chiele, Centhury, 2016) or the ‘Oxford Handbook of Luxury Marketing‘ (with Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson, Oxford University Press, Nov 2020)

Awards  The Internationalist/ANA Inspiring Marketer of the Year

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“A HUGE thank you for helping us.  It was such a fantastic session, I really feel we gained so much.  It challenged us in the right way, tough at times, but I think we now have a great foundation.”

Trisha Ayyagari, Senor Vice President
Global Marketing, Maybelline New York

In a world where marketers are barraged with new tech new advances, JP cuts through the noise and shares intelligent insights and tangible examples of how to make your brand priceless. His brand stories engaged and inspired our audience. JP delivered one of the most talked about presentations of the day and stayed behind to interact with attendees and answer questions.

Amy Quigley, President
MITX | BIMA | FutureM

“JP came to our global marketing team to talk about observations and case studies that illustrate how many different types of branded products have been able to achieve ‘Ueber’ status while also capturing maximum value. 

The framework that he shared is applicable to all brands and set the table for our team to have more meaningful discussions.   We have referenced his book and the framework multiple times since his visit and continue to see rich applications in our day to day work.   We look forward to working with JP again in the future.”

Jason Chrenka, Marketing Manager

4.7 out of 5 stars! *

JP delivered an outstanding two hour presentation with some eye-opening and provocative thoughts on premium & super-premium beauty brand building.
The audience especially appreciated JP’s interactive style (despite the large crowd) and the vast array of examples from across different industries.
We would welcome him again any time!”

Ben Schwarz, Capability Leader
Procter & Gamble Specialty Beauty

(*score given by participants in a post event questionnaire)

“You could take several years, try various approaches, spend a ridiculous amount of money and still end up with a crapshoot.  Alternatively, you can work with JP who will, through a combination of concrete examples and high-energy delivery, show you that prestige branding can be distilled to some fundamental yet essential elements. 

The Ueber branding toolkit and methodology is enriching, dynamic and especially thought provoking.  Doubters and jaded marketers quickly become believers and even advocates.  JP gave our team deep insights, a common vernacular and a powerful set of tools that everyone can be aligned with and that will guide our brand and business to new heights!”

Andrew Hyncik, VP Marketing
ZEISS Vision Care


“You knocked it out of the ballpark!  Folks loved it.  We’ll be back for more than seconds!”

Thomas Vince, Vice President CMI
L’Oréal Skin Care, Cosmetics, Luxe

” JP’s work is highly visionary, with tangible details that vividly bring ideas to life.  He is at the same time remarkably creative while staying deeply grounded to the core human truths in marketing.  … a highly engaging story teller and communicator able to converse fluently in industry lingo, but at his best is when he distills big concepts into simple truths that are easy to digest and hard to forget. “

Michelle Lin – Head Branding & E-Commerce, Bastide Aix-en-Provence

JP Kuehlwein’s presentation to members of The Luxury Marketing Council, faculty and graduate students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (some 300 people) last October was one of the highlights of our 2015 program.  The insights contained in his book “Rethining Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-brands” serve as a compelling call to action for all luxury marketers.  JP’s work is one of the most comprehensive and compelling compendiums of best marketing practices and guide to raising the bar in how luxury marketers can better surprise and delight their best customers.  I routinely give copies of his book to new Council members as a thanks for their membership and to members who want to push the envelope and revitalize their marketing strategies and tactics.”

Gregory J. Furman – Founder & Chairman
The Luxury Marketing Council – Since 1994
Serving 1,000 Luxury Brands 5,000 CEO’s and CMO’s in 57 Cities Worldwide.

“The concept of ‘Ueber-Branding’ is striking and highly inspirational for our lovebrand building at Merck Consumer Health. JP presented the key principles in vivid ways.  Both our global Marketeers as our global Leadership Team were truly excited about the way he carved the brand-building strategies out. His illustrative examples made crystal clear how successful brand-building could and should look like, and I believe that we will strive to apply this to our work here at Merck.”

Dr. Lars Atorf, Global Head of Communications
Merck Consumer Health

“Une intervention fort enrichissante…  J-P a fait montre d’une grande expérience, d’un savoir-faire et de perspicacité…  Je tiens à féliciter JP pour sa magnifique présentation et pour sa modestie…”

Participants de l’equipe Henkel Tunisia
en association avec l’IHEC Carthage

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for joining us yesterday at America’s Customer Festival and for putting together such an amazing panel. The views from each person provided a great dynamic on modern branding- from You and Hermann, to Ian, Lindsey and Gwen- It was a great balance of perspectives and definitely a highlight of the show.

Ed Jennings | Producer
Terrapinn Inc.
Business Events || Worldwide


Benno Marbach, Founder CMO Conference, Guuru and Happy Score commenting on JP’s keynote at the CMO Conference

“Your talk was riveting … and I am really enjoying your book!”

Alisa Smith, Associate Director
Kao USA Inc.

“Wolf and J.P. delivered a clear and cogent contextual understanding of branding in an era where branding receives too little of the narrative. Their precepts on building a community advantage for a prestige brand have universal utility and I’m confident they sent our members and customers home re-evaluating their respective branding efforts with specific lessons and takeaways, putting “answers in action”, that we insist upon for all AMA presentations. We would welcome them back anytime to share their next set of branding insights!”

Russ Klein | Chief Executive Officer
American Marketing Association
Service || Knowledge || Community

JP endorsement LinkedIn Incite West

testimonial JP MQUcharles-dannison-wnyc-testimonialtestimonial JP NC

“JP Kuehlwein recently made a strong webinar presentation on premium or ‘Ueber-Branding‘ to our MENG membership.  Our MENG audience of experienced executive level marketers (corporate, marketing services, and consulting) can be a critical bunch with high expectations, and JP’s presentation was extremely well received.  Attendees stayed engaged for the full time, and his survey scores were strong. He is an articulate and insightful presenter, and his real world cases added value to the members who want practical and usable lessons.”

Jim Fisher – Program Director
MeNG – Marketing Executives Networking Group


John Kalkowski is Editor in Chief and Conference Director – BNP Media

Great work, people definitely liked it. We had the highest attendance and retention rate, so far and you’ve also had the top score so far with people in ‘value of the webinar’ at 4.2 and ‘content’ at 4.3 (of 5 among 228 attendants).  Key comments:

  • What is one thing you liked?
    • Clear, concise and to the point; The SUBJECT, combined with great content; Knowledge of the presenter; Lots of examples and very well explained; Design vs. Strategic Target; Great examples, well thought through, humor; Images vs words.
  • What is one thing that could be improved?
    • Its a meaty topic – extend the time for another 30 minutes; Some more B2B examples

Basically they really enjoyed it but wanted more time. Personally I prefer that feedback than, “it went too long.”

Andrew Tarvin
Founder Humor That Works
Content Director P&G Alumni

We were honored to have someone of JP’s caliber speak at the inaugural Brandemonium conference and festival. His session was relevant, insightful, and engaging for attendees. We look forward to having JP back to speak again.

Bill Donabedian,
Co-founder – Brandemonium

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Guest Talk on Prestige in the Post-Pandemic-Period

November 12, 2020

Brand Elevation Lecture Series for MBA, IMBA and EMBA students from Nov.’20 to Feb.’21