6. ‘Un-Sell’

The superiority of seduction

Selling is the opposite of seducing. – It’s not sexy. This creates a natural conundrum for prestige brands since they, of course, need to do both. It greatly impacts their targeting and go-to-market strategies (chapter 2). But it also leads to a communication approach that is very different from that of mass marketers. In one word it’s about ‘Un-selling’: Creating proximity while maintaining a distance. Putting yourself out on a stage yet never revealing too much. Evoking more than you are saying – to protect your aura and a sense of mystery (think Montblanc). Talking in artfully crafted and refined codes to make sure only those in the know – and those who like to pretend they are – will understand (Frederic Malle). Being un-apologetically confident, often bordering on the arrogant – to project strength and pride (Chanel). And, more often than not, it can also mean being silent and pulling back (Le Labo). Because after all silence is golden. And it’s the absence which makes the heart grow fonder.

– How to mediate proximity and distance in communication
– Why silence is golden and advertising has to be art

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  2. Matthias Eylers says:

    Love the read. Here is a quote back… @eylers: Patrick Thomas, first CEO Hermès: “When one of our products sells too much, we discontinue it.”


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