1. Mission Incomparable

The first rule is to make your own

The first point is quite simple and yet probably hardest to achieve: Super Premium brands are, to a large degree, about aspiration and identity construction. Allowing customers to elevate or at least advance themselves into something better, bigger, newer … To do this they don’t just need to have personal relevance, they need to offer cultural resonance. Because only if a Super Premium brand resonates in your social environment can it help you craft or focus your identity – towards yourself, and towards others. Super Premium brands achieve this usually in two ways: Either by re-defining a category and setting new standards that take them beyond the status quo (think Nespresso). Or by following a higher calling that lifts them out of the ordinary and gives them true meaning and purpose (think Patagonia). Or they artfully combine both (think Apple). And, speaking of Apple: Of course, being incomparable requires staying on your feet to move ahead. Surprising yourself and all followers by constantly reinventing yourself, thus remaining true to your core.

– About the need for a true and daring purpose that resonates
– Re-defining the category by not just setting new but unique standards
– And how to constantly change while staying true to yourself

Discover some Application Case Studies here.

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