Brand Elevation – Lessons in Ueber-Branding

The guide on how to build an Ueber-Brand – peerless, priceless, profitable

“Can we become an Ueber-Brand, too? How do we do it? Is there a method beyond the principles? Where do we start? What are the musts? Where are the limits?”

Those were the kind of questions we got after publishing “Rethinking Prestige Branding” through our blog or after talks at events. And they led to many inspiring connections and consultations with interesting brands of all kinds and backgrounds. Sometimes more than we could respond to or take on, …. which got us started thinking about this new book.

We researched what drives people to consider a brand peerless and priceless and laid out the concept of Ueber-Branding because we had learned how the world of brands and the way to build prestige was rapidly changing. A new crop of Ueber-Brands, as we termed them, had begun thriving across categories and price points. Rising above peers and prices by pushing us as people and societies. Reconnecting the material with meaning, engaging us with new kinds of experiences and showing us how to move forward, in commerce and in culture. Elevating themselves by tapping into our desire to evolve and elevate ourselves and the way we work, live and shop. In short: It seemed we were entering an age of brand elevation – in everything and everywhere, for everyone.

But at the time, we weren’t quite sure just how far this concept could go and how broadly it could be applied.  So, it was pleasing to see our concept of Ueber-Brands and the book becoming a new reference for so many marketers and academics alike.  But we did not have a handy ‘How To Become an Ueber-Brand’ program we could pass on to people. So, over the past five-odd years, we went about purpose-building a generally applicable method on how to build an Ueber-Brand.

And here it is now: Our freshly minted yet tried and tested model, a six-step program in three phases to elevate your brand. Made for marketing beginners as much as experienced masters, small brands wanting to grow as much as big ones looking to re-energize themselves. And relevant for all, across industries and sectors, from service providers or institutions to FMCGs or luxury purveyors. At least this is what we aimed for.

The book is divided in three parts:

  1. Recap of the Model
    A brief review of the seven principles of Ueber-Brands as we laid them out and explained them in our previous book. Not to the same level of depth and detail. But with new cases to demonstrate how the concept is more alive and kicking than ever.
  2. The How-To Program
    Six steps undertaken in three phases and and their respective ‘to-do’ lists, structured to guide you step-by-step through the process of building or evolving your own brand. Hands on and illustrated through experiences, real-life examples and supporting diagrams.
  3. Lessons from real life
    Exclusive insights from successful Ueber-Brands. Experience reports and interviews from- and with some of the most accomplished practitioners and industry experts. Giving you a heads up on pitfalls and opportunities as you embark on your journey to become an Ueber-Brand.

With our first book labelled ‘a smart page turner’ and scoring a rare 8/10 with the exerts at getabstract and, more importantly, a 4.8 of 5 on Amazon, you, dear reader, have set a high bar for this follow-up book.

We hope to meet your expectations and are always happy to hear from you at  Because Ueber-Brands are never-ending stories. And so is learning how to build them

Cheers Wolf and JP

You can order the book on Amazon, here.