Ueber-Branding Model and Method

The objective is to develop effective, feasible and sustainable ways in which a brand can accrue ‘meaning beyond the material.’  This will allow the brand to become peerless and priceless in the mind and experience of key stakeholders – influencers, consumers, employees.

Key Steps and Outcomes 

  • Deep dive into the brand history and DNA to update/derive a relevant and desirable Mission and/or relating and engaging elements of a brand’s Myth. Think of the brand Mission and Myth, in particular, as constituting the ‘Soul’ of the brand.
  • Understanding of the concept of ‘Ueber-Target’ (vs ‘consumers’) and definition of that target for the brand and of ways to ‘activate’ it.
  • Review of the Product, the holistic brand experience* and extract defining and iconic elements/rituals to create, use, celebrate.
  • Lay out a ‘Brand Truth,’ that is to come to life over time and across touch-points accounting for capabilities, capacity and capital available.
    (*product, pack, production, service, organization, language, in-store/on-premise experience, etc.)

UeberBrands methodology Mission Myth Truth v1Approach

  • We usually play the role of expert-moderator and adviser who will study your brand and organization and have an informed opinion, but
  • we will guide the client team to develop and judge ideas and plans – because they have to be convinced to truly own and execute them.
  • Our intervention can be as simple as inspiring clients with our unique perspective on how to elevate brands and the best-in-class case studies used to illustrate it.
  • But we usually do hands-on workshops customized to help the client work out strategies and plans to build and grow their brand.
  • If desired, we can take over idea development, planning or execution through experts and agencies in our network .

An Illustration 


Ueber-Branding Summarized

Asia Journal Article Pic

Article in Asian Management Insights summarizes what ‘Ueber-Branding’ is about



“A HUGE thank you for helping us.  It was such a fantastic session, I really feel
we gained so much.  It challenged us in the right way, tough at times,
but I think we now have a great foundation.”

Trisha Ayyagari, Senor Vice President
Global Marketing, Maybelline New York

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for the very solid and productive work on Cetaphil. You stimulated our thinking and the team feels we landed with more insight and clarity on what drives our differentiation and where we could position Cetaphil uniquely.” 

June Risser, VP and General Manager, Consumer Business
Galderma Laboratories LP

“You could try various approaches, spend a ridiculous amount of money and still end up with a crapshoot.  Alternatively, you can work with Ueber-Brands.

The Ueber-Branding toolkit is enriching, dynamic and especially thought provoking.  Doubters and jaded marketers quickly become believers and even advocates.  JP gave our team deep insights, a common vernacular and a powerful set of tools that everyone  aligned with and that is guiding our brand and business to new heights!”

Andrew Hyncik, VP Marketing
ZEISS Vision Care


Want to elevate that brand by yourself? You are in luck!  We have written a guide “Brand Elevation – Lessons in Ueber-Branding” that will guide you through the process in three phases and six steps. Check it out here or order the book straight away here.

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