5. Living the Dream

The bubble shall never burst

Nothing is as volatile as a dream. This is why it’s so difficult – if not impossible – to make dreams come true. And this is why “80 for 20” is by far not enough when it comes to creating Super Premium brand experiences. Absolute attention to detail is essential if you are set on mastering perfection. But, this doesn’t mean slavish attention to any detail. Rather, it is about focus on those details that are central to the brand’s story and equity. Hardly ever is it enough to tick off category conventions, even if done perfectly. Super Premium brands must obsess over those elements and aspects that set them apart and above their competitors. This can be a unique style and language (think Henin) or features and materials (Patek Philippe, Swarovski) or a philosophy (Aesop) or or or … Most seek to own their own outlets through flagship stores, pop-ups and virtual brand spaces to better control the orchestration of the brand. But it is not only the external interfaces that matter. The company culture is just as crucial. The dream needs to be lived, inside and out. Only then, and only then, is there a chance that the bubble might not burst.

– Creating brand experiences that transcend reality
– And why 80 for 20 is never enough if you want to make a lasting impression

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