2. Longing vs Belonging

The challenge is both

One of the key objectives in marketing is reach: Reaching as many people as possible to win the biggest number of customers. When it comes to Super Premium brands it is not as simple. Of course, the goal remains: Maximizing your business. But to build and protect the brand’s equity, you have to carefully balance inclusiveness with exclusivity – staying slightly out of reach, while growing the same. Most Super Premium brands thus follow a top-down approach: They first foster relationships with a small base of taste makers and trend setters within their category. From this they grow gradually, leveraging their original fans both, as continuous proof of their superiority and desirability as well as missionaries to help them target and convert the broader market. Of course, for this it is crucial to always stay anchored in the top through ‘elite’ programs or simply and ultimately by remaining ahead of the curve – think of Red Bull’s latest dive from the skies. You can never cease to inspire the leaders if you want the rest of us to aspire. You must continue to move up and on (like Armani Privée) while becoming more and more available and approachable (AX Exchange, Armani Jeans) to ensure you always keep some longing in the belonging.

– A different way of targeting: Attract disciples first, then attack more broadly
– Grooming missionaries to convert fans and grow a cult into a movement

See it summarized and illustrated in these videos:


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