3. From Myth to Meaning

The best way up is to go deep

Most brands do better if they have a good story*. Super Premium brands cannot survive without it. Because only if you have a legend can you become legendary. Nothing inspires people’s imagination – and fascination – like a plausible narrative. That these legends often include aspects that are esoteric or shrouded in mystery is intentional. Because ultimately, Super Premium brands are about believing – not necessarily knowing. They must seduce our heart and soul and not just convince our brains. Provide a perspective on life or an ideal we can buy into and not just reason what and why to buy. These stories do not necessarily require a long-standing history. Many high-end brands in many categories are actually rather forward than past oriented  – think of  Honest Tea or W Hotels. But they must reflect elements of truth combined with a higher calling. Only then can they give the brand authenticity, credibility and an aura of nobility. Only then can their myth* be meaningful – and potentially strong enough to elevate them above and beyond.

* Why Stories?  — Stories not only entertain, they inform us in more intuitive, emotional and memorable ways than single-dimensional, rationale arguments.  Even better if that story is brought to life and can be experienced through our senses.  Then, we need to think less and can feel and judge more.  Behavioral scientists have found humans to be ‘lazy’ that way, trying to minimize the intense use of energy by the brain that goes into thinking.  Rather than providing a “reason to believe”, class brands will provide “stories to believe” – better still, “myths to believe”.

* What are Myths — Myths are stories that convey ideas and ideals (ideology) we can live by.  They do it  through compelling plots and characters we can relate to.  Think of the believes surrounding the Chanel or Harley Davidson brands and their ardent disciples.  For believing is more spiritual and engaging than just knowing.  And being a believer gives us that needed sense of belonging, makes you part of the chosen few.

– The power of legends and the move from reason to story to myth
– Why heritage is not a matter of history
– And why believing is the opposite of knowing

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