Upcoming Ueber-Events

Here are some of our upcoming and past public events and testimonials.  Click the logos to find out more and RSVP. If you want to hear us speak at your own event or consult with your brand, then confer with our Speaker’s Agents listed below or contact us directly.  We look forward to talking to you live!

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“Creating Brands with Soul and Truth” @ Kohler, WI 10/24/’18

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Intervention “Ueber-Brands” avec IHEC, 9. Aout 2018 chez Henkel a Tunis, Tunisie

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Happiness is the New Marketing Model, Oct. 13th, Verona, Italy



Milan Glamour Beauty

Glamour Beauty Show, Milan, Italy Oct.21-2





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Some Comments:

Wolf and J.P. delivered a clear and cogent contextual understanding of branding in an era where branding receives too little of the narrative. Their precepts on building a community advantage for a prestige brand have universal utility and I’m confident they sent our members and customers home re-evaluating their respective branding efforts with specific lessons and takeaways, putting “answers in action”, that we insist upon for all AMA presentations. We would welcome them back anytime to share their next set of branding insights!

Russ Klein | Chief Executive Officer
American Marketing Association

“JP came to our global marketing team to talk about observations and case studies that illustrate how many different types of branded products have been able to achieve ‘Ueber’ status while also capturing maximum value. 

The framework that he shared is applicable to all brands and set the table for our team to have more meaningful discussions.   We have referenced his book and the framework multiple times since his visit and continue to see rich applications in our day to day work.   We look forward to working with JP again in the future.”

Jason Chrenka, Marketing Manager


“JP Kuehlwein recently made a strong webinar presentation on premium or ‘Ueber-Branding’ to our MENG membership.  Our MENG audience of experienced executive level marketers (corporate, marketing services, and consulting) can be a critical bunch with high expectations, and JP’s presentation was extremely well received.  Attendees stayed engaged for the full time, and his survey scores were strong. He is an articulate and insightful presenter, and his real world cases added value to the members who want practical and usable lessons.”

Jim Fisher – Program Director
MeNG – Marketing Executives Networking Group


JP Kuehlwein’s presentation to members of The Luxury Marketing Council, faculty and graduate students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (some 300 people) last October was one of the highlights of our 2015 program.  The insights contained in his book “Rethining Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-brands” serve as a compelling call to action for all luxury marketers.  JP’s work is one of the most comprehensive and compelling compendiums of best marketing practices and guide to raising the bar in how luxury marketers can better surprise and delight their best customers.  I routinely give copies of his book to new Council members as a thanks for their membership and to members who want to push the envelope and revitalize their marketing strategies and tactics.”

Gregory J. Furman – Founder & Chairman
The Luxury Marketing Council – Since 1994
Serving 1,000 Luxury Brands 5,000 CEO’s and CMO’s in 57 Cities Worldwide.

“4.7 out of 5 stars! *

JP delivered an outstanding two hour presentation with some eye-opening and provocative thoughts on premium & super-premium beauty brand building.
The audience (approx. 80 people) especially appreciated JP’s interactive style and the vast array of examples from across different industries.
We would welcome him again any time!”

Ben Schwarz, Capability Leader
Procter & Gamble Specialty Beauty

(*score given by participants in a post event questionnaire)



“Une intervention fort enrichissante…  J-P a fait montre d’une grande expérience, d’un savoir-faire et de perspicacité…  Je tiens à féliciter JP pour sa magnifique présentation et pour sa modestie…”

Participants de l’equipe Henkel Tunisia
en association avec l’IHEC Carthage