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Why Platform Businesses Should be Ueber-Brands – A discussion with Erich Joachimsthaler – Part I

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Traditional firms feel the heat from the exploding businesses of platforms and look to become one themselves. Platform businesses are all about participation and should be about positive relationships – desirable ingredients for strong brand equity. However, many platform brands are not used because we like or respect them. How can traditional brands get into the business of platforms and how can one get platform branding right? JP had a discussion on the subject with Erich Joachimsthaler at Vivaldi Group. Continue reading

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Trust and a shared Truth are key to Airbnb’s Success – Douglas Atkin, ex-Global Head of Community explains

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Airbnb’s former Global Head of Community – Douglas Atkin – tells us about how he helped the platform find a purpose and the central role it- and engineering social Trust have played in making Airbnb an Ueber-Brand. Among many other insights. Enjoy! Continue reading

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