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Some Ueber-Brands could be selling at a premium, but being affordable is part of their mission. Some mass brands make select Ueber-Brand moves to increase desirability, decrease price sensitivity while preserving their mass appeal.

Here are Posts and Podcasts that talk about these moves:


How Trader Joe’s Makes Food Stuff Magic – of ‘Speculoos Butter’ and a ‘Fearless Flyer’

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I had one of those ‘Eureka’ insights the other day when I saw the latest Trader Joe’s ‘Fearless Flyer’ on our kitchen table: Trader Joe’s has made a great business out of morphing their foods into ‘Significant Objects’ that we … Continue reading

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The Promise of ‘Bespoke’ – How Űberbrands go beyond ‘choice’ to create identity and extract a premium.

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Bespoke is the new luxury – Again. Many consider Chanel the height of luxury. So it is telling to hear Chanel marketers talk about ‘bespoke’ as the ultimate form of luxury today. They are not the only ones to recognize … Continue reading

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Limiting Distribution Increases Value and Market Share…

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No, I am not talking about Hermès today but about a maker of power tools!  You see, I often get challenged by marketing friends that the principles of premium branding that we lay out in our model only apply to … Continue reading

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How to create a Looooonging for Doughnuts

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A shop called “The Doughnut Vault” in Chicago has made it a habit to close their doors early when they run out of their sweet treats, as reports.  Apparently it happens almost every day.  So why don’t they increase production … Continue reading

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Warhol – At the Edge Between Mass and Class

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The most frequent or observant of our readers might have noticed our pop art theme and Andy Warhol himself popping in and out of our header art.  “What has that got to do with ‘moving brands from mass to class?’, you might ask. … Continue reading

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