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Purpose and Promotion Don’t Mix Well – Ben & Jerry’s Global Social Mission Officer Dave Rapaport explains

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Ben & Jerry’s Global Social Social Mission Officer Dave Rapaport tells us what it takes to be an authentic, purpose-led but profitable brand. Hints: Do not mix purpose and promotion – in a marketing kind of way – and stand up to be counted… when it really counts. Continue reading

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Does Product Top Purpose? – Halo Top’s ‘full pint’ vs Ben & Jerry’s ‘double dip’

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If you live in the US and have any interest in ice cream – or consume social media with any regularity (and the two seem to correlate) – then you will have heard about ‘Halo Top’.  The premium ice cream’s … Continue reading

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Article: How modern prestige brands create meaning through mission

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In this article for the Journal of Brand Strategy (Henry Stewart Publications, Spring 2017), we examine how some modern prestige brands  go beyond traditional strategies of luxury marketing like exclusiveness, provenance or precious materials to make us want them.  They create “meaning beyond the material” by redefining their categories, setting new standards and – for the best among them – by embracing and living ideals people aspire to. – We call them Ueber-Brands, as you likely know by now Continue reading

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