Ueber-Branding: How To Make Your Brand Priceless

Our article in SMU’s Asian Management Insights November 2016 issue summarizes three dimensions we found most successful modern premium brands share.  We also outline some key questions you should ask on the way to making your own brand (more) priceless.

The article is based on our continued research of these brands. We call them ‘Ueber-Brands’ and reveal their ‘secrets’ in our latest book “Rethinking Prestige Branding,” across the case studies in this blog and our podcast.

Contact us if you want our help in taking your brand ‘Ueber’ – above and beyond.

About JP Kuehlwein

JP Kuehlwein is a global business leader and brand builder with a 25+ year track record of translating consumer and brand insights into transformational propositions that win in market. Principal at ‘Ueber-Brands’ a New York consulting firm, he now helps others to elevate brands and make them peerless and priceless. JP also teaches brand strategy at NYU Stern and Columbia Business School and leads the Marketing Institute at The Conference Board, all in New York. Jp previously was Executive Vice President at Frédéric Fekkai & Co, a prestige salon operator and hair care brand and lead brand- and corporate strategy development and execution at multinational Procter & Gamble as Brand Director and Director of Strategy. JP and Wolf Schaefer have co-authored the best-selling books “Rethinking Prestige Branding – Secrets of the Ueber-Brands” which lays out what drives the success of modern premium brands and "Brand Elevation - Lessons in Ueber-Branding" a guide to developing and executing a brand elevation strategy. Find the books here: https://bit.ly/UeberBooks
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2 Responses to Ueber-Branding: How To Make Your Brand Priceless

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