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ThankYou. – Admirable Activism or Brand-Based Bullying?

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Australian social enterprise ‘ThankYou.’ leverages a mix of mythology, passionate appeal and social shaming to get consumers, their customers and competitors to buy, sell and – maybe – license the brand.
Is that brilliant activist brand- and business building? Or is the concept of a ‘brand with a higher purpose’ being abused to bully your way to growth? Continue reading

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Ueber-Branding Social Enterprise? – JP interviewed by Impact Boom

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UEBER-BRANDING SOCIAL ENTERPRISES? – Absolutely! If people are not aware of social enterprises and their causes, then their possible impact remains limited. Using the ‘Ueber-Branding’ approach makes particular sense, since social enterprise comes with a desirable element in their DNA which other companies often lack: A higher purpose. Hear more on the subject in this interview. Continue reading

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