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To Elevate Product and Brand – Make it the Holy Grail

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Ever noticed that some of the brands we pay a significant premium for don’t actually feel like they try hard to sell us on their product? These brands – we call them ‘Ueber-Brands’ let their visible passion for the product do most of the talking and sells us.  They make their product the ‘holy grail’ and behold it as if it was a revelation. Continue reading

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How Trader Joe’s Makes Food Stuff Magic – of ‘Speculoos Butter’ and a ‘Fearless Flyer’

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I had one of those ‘Eureka’ insights the other day when I saw the latest Trader Joe’s ‘Fearless Flyer’ on our kitchen table: Trader Joe’s has made a great business out of morphing their foods into ‘Significant Objects’ that we … Continue reading

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Myth-Making – The Holy Grail of Today’s Ueber-Brands

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Storytelling has become the hot topic as the mainstream of marketers discovered that stories can make us relate to- and remember a brand more fondly than a cold sales pitch. But marketers who seek to elevate their brands beyond the material … Continue reading

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A Beauty Insider’s Look at Ueber-Branding

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We had the honor to be invited to talk about ‘Ueber-Branding’ by the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Luxury Marketing Council in New York and also bring along a panel of friends from Moleskine, The Laundress, CO Bigelow and Dunnhumby. … Continue reading

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