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Haven’s Kitchen: About Sharing Life Skills and Sauces – Alison Cayne, Founder

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Alison Cayne, Founder of Haven’s Kitchen, a cooking school and packaged food purveyor in New York tells us how her brand is made for ‘hustlers’ like her. This story is about a purpose-led and disciplined approach to brand- and business building, sans the ‘unicorn’ glazing. Continue reading

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B2B Beyond The Material – Interview with Mohawk Fine Papers’ Creative Director Christopher Harrold

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Can the Ueber-Brand principles be applied to B2B brands to elevate them in the minds of professional buyers and make them ‘priceless’ – or at least less dependent on pricing?  The short answer is “Absolutely, Yes!”  But, we know, people are hungry for examples, so we talked with Christopher Harrold, Creative Director at Mohawk how this fine paper maker is not only surviving but thriving in an increasingly digital world. Continue reading

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Taking Brands and People Üeber – JP interviewed by getAbstract co-founder Patrick Brigger

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Can Ueber-Branding be applied to any industry and brand… and people? How do Ueber-Brands elevate themselves above the rest? How do they attract people? – Not only as buyers but as employees? … These are just some of the questions Patrick Brigger asked me in this interview. Continue reading

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Rethinking Prestige Branding – A 10 Minute Q&A

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The expert Book review site ‘getabstract’ gave us a pretty rare 8 of 10 rating and felt compelled to interview us about modern Prestige branding afterwards.  We (humbly) thought our answers are well worth sharing with our readers, too… and … Continue reading

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A Brand Built On ‘Less’? – Interview with Brandless co-founder Tina Sharkey

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‘Brandless’ is the only ‘brand’ you can buy at the eponymous e-grocer that carries the same name.  As co-founder Tina Sharkey explains, young ‘Brandless’ is not about the absence of identity or meaning and being a brand in that sense. … Continue reading

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Tiffany & Co. – How Reach Out… Without Falling?

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Venerable Tiffany & Co is facing a dilemma and declining sales – and that for a few years now.   On the one hand it believes that it has lost its cool among the young and with it cultural relevance, desirability … Continue reading

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Cultural Branding – Cadillac Looks To Get Back On The Map

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Cadillac separated its commercial team from the General Motors headquarters in Detroit, formed a stand-alone unit and moved it to New York City in late 2015. This move was not driven by organizational and business considerations, alone.  In fact, a … Continue reading

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How Trader Joe’s Makes Food Stuff Magic – of ‘Speculoos Butter’ and a ‘Fearless Flyer’

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I had one of those ‘Eureka’ insights the other day when I saw the latest Trader Joe’s ‘Fearless Flyer’ on our kitchen table: Trader Joe’s has made a great business out of morphing their foods into ‘Significant Objects’ that we … Continue reading

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Moleskine – A Myth Bridging our Analog and Digital Worlds – Interview with Maria Sebregondi, Co-Creator of Moleskine – Podcast Episode 04

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In this episode we talk to Maria Sebregondi, co-creator and VP of Brand Equity & Communication at Moleskine, the storied, little black notebook brand.  Since its creation in 1997, Moleskine has become a favorite tool among urban knowledge workers and everyone who still feels … Continue reading

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Brand Ueber-Targets and How We Want To Be Like Them

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When it comes to defining our lifestyle or declaring our values, we need other people for orientation, as benchmarks or to listen to us and care – or it will not be a satisfying exercise.  We usually have some ideal state or person(s) we aspire … Continue reading

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The Draw of Bespoke and Subtle Sophistication – Benoit Ams, Smith & Norbu

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In this inaugural episode we talk to Benoit Ams, founder, owner, designer …. Renaissance Man extraordinaire at Smith & Norbu, a brand that offers tailor-made, subtly branded eye-wear for sophisticated clients. The Smith & Norbu optical frames are made from yak horn, which Benoit … Continue reading

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