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Of course even the most prestigious of brands are nothing without their product. No style will survive in the long run without substance. Yet, Super Premium products need to be more than tangible proof. They also need to represent the intangible. They are never just useful objects to hold and handle; They are manifestations to behold, evidence of their own myth to be revered. To deliver on this, they must be treated accordingly. After all it is the context that makes the king. This is especially true for the brand’s icons – think of a 911, a No.5 or a Birkin. While these may not be the ‘best sellers’, they certainly epitomize the brand. Consequently, they need to be put on a pedestal and not be promoted: Why else wear gloves to take a handbag out from under the counter? These heroes also need to be constantly re-evaluated and potentially updated – if ever so gently and carefully – to continuously re-assert their currency, to be and become Musts, again and again. Only if these products are respected, treated and polished as the icons they must be will the brand have the power to shine.

– Of icons, heroes and halos
– The must for musts and the need for pedestals
– Foresight vs insights

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How to create a Looooonging for Doughnuts

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A shop called “The Doughnut Vault” in Chicago has made it a habit to close their doors early when they run out of their sweet treats, as reports.  Apparently it happens almost every day.  So why don’t they increase production … Continue reading

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Cire Trudon – Leveraging History to Create Myth and Meaning

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The candle brand Cire Trudon (Trudon Wax) provides a wonderful illustration of how an extensive history is transformed into a rich heritage and the creation of myth and meaning that the acquirer of these exquisite luxury candles can take home and dissipate – quite literally. … Continue reading

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Attention to Detail – Good But Not Enough

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I bought a pair of Jeans the other day while New York City.  I wasn’t really planning on it and I had never heard of the brand before – Tokyo Five.  They just caught my eye while checking out a … Continue reading

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Warhol – At the Edge Between Mass and Class

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The most frequent or observant of our readers might have noticed our pop art theme and Andy Warhol himself popping in and out of our header art.  “What has that got to do with ‘moving brands from mass to class?’, you might ask. … Continue reading

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Le Pain Quotidien – Attention to Detail in Manifesting the Brand

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Seth Godin shared an observation in his Blog “All Marketers Are Liars” the other day.  Visiting a Le Pain Quotidien bakery, he noted that panels on the doors said “Pull” in multiple languages.  He smartly concludes that he wasn’t witnessing a … Continue reading

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